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The presence of pest in residential and commercial premises has a considerable impact on the lives of inhabitants, particularly the easy targeted community like children's and old ones and physically disabled. Pest Control services in Mumbai have become mandatory requirement. As per the survey report says 80% premises in Mumbai has been infested by atleast one pest and that living in pest infested area can seriously affect the health of the people.




Modern Pest Solutions is one of the oldest and trusted pest control companies in Mumbai. Modern Pest Solutions services uses the latest pest control techniques, Organic and Herbal pest control methods to control pest like cockroach, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs and Anti Termites which is completely safe for childrens. Rajashree pest control uses the integrated pest management technique. Traditional pest control companies uses pest control services usually involved frequent application of pesticides. Modern Pest Solutions services use a common sense approach of pest control services that uses a variety of pest control methods to control pests. Modern Pest Solutions puts efforts towards preventing pest problems by controlling conditions which attract and support pest.

An integrated pest control service has been used successfully for many years in Residential areas, and is increasingly applied in Commercial field. In structural pest control services we focuses mainly on eliminating or reducing sources of water, food and harborages that are available to pests and sealing access points throughout the building. Control measures such as sanitation, and building maintenance are strong elements of successful Pest control service program.

The success of pest control services requires collaboration of Pest Control Company and customer both. Modern Pest Solutions services use four implementation approach;

  1. Identify pest and Monitor progress: Correct identification of pest is very important to deliver best pest control services with correct methodology and pesticides and reduce unnecessary use of pesticides. Hence correct identification will prevent the elimination of useful organism.

EXAMPLE: If there is an infestation of American cockroach in a home or office and the pest control operator is using the routine pest control method which is used for controlling German cockroaches. The problem will not get resolved as the breeding place and habitat of American cockroaches is totally different from German cockroaches.

  1. Set Threshold Limits:A threshold limit is the pest population level at which the presence of pests is a nuisance, threat or health hazard. A defined threshold will focus the size, scope of work and intensity of pest control services.
  2. Prevent:Modern Pest Solutions services focuses on prevention by removing conditions that attract pests, such as food, water and shelter.
  3. Pest Control Service: Pest Control services are required if threshold limits are exceeded. Modern Pest Solutions services uses the most effective, lowest risk option considering the risks to the customer and environment. Documenting pest control actions is critical in evaluating success. Rajashree pest control provides the below mentioned pest control services.

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